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Mountain Trail Riders Association was founded in 2009 in Bluff City, TN with a deep desire to help keep local riding areas from being closed.  

We strive to work with area bike shops and businesses to further the sport of motorized trail riding by educating and empowering its members to:

1.) Preserve and maintain local OHV accessible trails.
2.) Negotiate with local and forestry officials for access to previously closed trails.
3.) Educate the public and relevant decision makers on the sport of motorized trail riding and our dedication to the sustaining principles of environmental conservation.
4.) Form strategic relationships with other related hobby clubs, such as mountain biking, horse riding and hikers who share our interest in sustainable multi-use trails.
5.) Fellowship with others who share our passion for motorized trail riding.
6.) Use our knowledge of the mountain areas to help and support fire and rescue teams if needed. 

Some Places We Ride

Buffalo Montain ATV Trail


Doe Mountain Recreation Area


Spearhead Trails


I-81 Motorsports Park


We will continue to update this list and add links to each riding area.

Our Vision

 Motorized trail riding is a sport that has suffered from negative public perception in the past due to a variety of factors, including misinformation, negative stereotypes, and even the actions of a few bad apples. This perception has led to the closing of trails and an overall negative public opinion of our sport. Our vision is to change this for the better through positive interaction promoting our sport with forestry officials, members of local and state government, and the overall community. 

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